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AI for Academic & Workplace Skills

Bringing together the data you need for the outcomes you want.

Match. Gap. Recommend.

MATCH to any skill, certification, job, or occupation – current or future,
See a visual GAP analysis to current or future skill requirements,
Personalized RECOMMENDATIONS for the best paths to close any gap.


Data Science for Skills

We apply the power of the proven data science and great product engineering to “skilling”, “up-skilling”, and “re-skilling” – individualized, at scale, in real-time.


Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

MARi translates hierarchical competency frameworks from analog to digital applying advanced algorithms to predict performance and prescribe the right intervention.


Whole-Person Profiles

Academic and workplace success is not the sum of our skills.  Mind, body, heart, spirit, journey – informs the whole-person profile – creating real predictive success.


Realtime Proficiency

Are you able – at this moment, in this context, to get the needed academic or job outcome?  MARi communicates to individuals and organizations where they are at any given point in time.  

Advanced Competency Tools

MARi’s suite of tools automate and manage hundreds of thousands of skill-based attributes – allowing you to easily manage and update the ever-changing skill requirements of your organization. 


Privacy-based Ecosystem

MARi securely connects to third-party data sources and enabling a privacy-based community to contribute data to individual and organizational success.

MARi takes its data privacy and platform security incredibly seriously. MARi is currently in the process of obtaining is FedRAMP certification – first “Moderate” level and then “High” – to demonstrate its full commitment to a secure and privacy-driven lifelong analytics platform.

FedRAMP is one of the most stringent security certifications and monitoring requirements currently available, preparing MARi to operate in even the most secure government environments.



Data-driven support that helps educators, parents, and communities connect students to their best academic and career success.



Career Management + Talent Management that aligns employees and teams toward their maximum contribution and results.



Mission-focused skill visibility and empowerment that engages and delivers real-time success for all areas of government.

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