AI for Government
Workforce Skills

When getting the mission accomplished is not optional.

Match. Gap. Recommend.


MATCH individuals and teams to any workplace skill, occupation, competency, or certification.


See a visual GAP analysis of where the individual is to where you need them to be.


RECOMMEND a personalized path to close any gap.

Create transparency to the skill requirements of current and future roles and jobs. Build personalized pathways to real-time proficiency.

Designed for you

A comprehensive platform to meet the needs of your unit, department, or agency.

The priorities of your organization are continuously changing. With MARi you can re-align and engage your workforce in real time to your new realities.

Use MARi to build and track cybersecurity competencies at all levels of your organization. Track related certifications. Build personalized skill pathways. Provide workforce visibility into the skills they need next to stay current and ready.

Is your organization Mission ready? Get real time Red, Yellow, Green visibility into the proficiency levels - at that moment - to accomplish the mission. At the individual level, unit level, organization level. No more guessing.

MARi provides you the ability to give the workforce of the future the tools they want and need. Use MARi to align these workers with clear and transparent pathways to a successful career in your organization.


MARi supports all levels of government

Workforce alignment and engagement to the skills and outcomes that matter.  

  • Local
  • State
  • Federal
  • Law Enforcement
  • All Branches of the Military

Exclusive Features

Features from multiple different platforms and services are now all in one place.
Easier to use. Easier to learn. Easier to maintain.

Competency Development & Tracking

Workforce Development

Personalized Skill Pathways

Digital Badges

Career Planning

Comprehensive Reports

Certification Tracking

Self Assessments

360 Assessments

Intra-Agency Job Matching


Integrates into Existing IT Architecture

Ready to learn more about MARi's AI tools? Ready to learn more about MARi's AI tools?

Ready to learn more about MARi's AI tools?

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