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With MARi’s Digital Badges Module, it’s easy to create and track your students’ non-academic achievements. From kindergarten through high school, Digital badges help students engage with non-academic pathways to success. Students and parents have 24×7 visibility into the skills and competencies that will help them be successful at school and in their careers.  Progress is tracked across school years. All MARi data can be shared back into your SIS.

An image that shows examples of organization-created digital badges. For example, student could earn a digital badge for “Passed all SOLS,” “Perfect Attendance,” or “CTE Expo Participation.”
A GIF that shows how an administrator would assign a digital badge activity to a student using an easy, interactive interface.

SIS & 3rd party data in one place.

Student data can be hugely helpful, but these days all the needed data is NOT stored in the SIS or even formatted correctly to import into the SIS.  It’s in various third-party apps, games, and assessments. And, it takes an enormous amount of time to pull all this data together.  MARi does the data wrangling for you – so that teachers and administrators can spend their time USING the data. MARi’s “Data Cabinet” and “Tier Data” lets teachers and administrators see ALL of a student’s data all in one place. This whole-student view lets teachers better assess and assist students to get the results they need. MARi’s data ingestion pipelines relieve the burden of manually entering third party data. Click here to see the third-parties with which MARi is currently working.

An image of MARi’s Data Cabinet that allows administrators to view whole-person data for each student. Color-coded tracking allows administrators to quickly focus in on students that need more support.

Help at Your Fingertips.

If you have a problem, messaging our support team is straightforward. A “Hey MARi” icon is available on every screen with FAQs, tips, and self-paced help. At any time, you can message the team and we’ll be able to help.

A GIF example of how the “Hey MARi” help tool works, allowing teachers, counselors, and administrators to receive support when they need it.

Career Planning with CareerKit®.

Create detailed student skill maps for school, higher ed, and work. MARi’s CareerKit® helps a student see how their academic achievements immediately translate to the real-world needs of higher ed and job-ready potential. 
An image of MARi’s Academic & Career Planner, which allows students to search jobs; see median wages and academic requirements; and track top occupational choices.

Intelligent Academic Pathway Planning.

Picking the right courses (in the right order) can be overwhelming, even for the prepared student and parent. MARi’s Learning DNA™ takes into account the student’s career choices, past courses, grades, preferences, and all the courses and opportunities that are being offered – and recommends pathways that students and parents can explore, modify, and select.
An image of MARi’s Intelligent Academic Pathway Planning screen that shows how a student can map multiple years of courses based on past performance and future goals.

CTE Competency Logging & Reporting.

MARi takes the pain out of logging the results for dozens of CTE competencies throughout the school year. CTE Coordinators can track the progress of competency logging by school, by teacher, and by class.

An example of MARi’s CTE Competency Logging & Reporting module, which allows CTE instructors to stay up-to-date on state requirements.

Certification Tracking.

Some certifications are required for graduation and others are needed for specialized jobs after graduation. MARi tracks them all and rolls them up into an exportable report at the school district level. The certification skills are also recorded in the student’s profile. 

An image of MARi’s Certification Tracking module, showing which certifications a student has earned and the courses they have taken to complete a requirement.

Personalized Assignments.

Making assignments tailored to your students’ needs is simple. The assignments page allows you to keep track of existing assignments, and create new ones. Assignments can be personalized to challenge students who put in exceeding effort.

An image that shows how to build a personalized assignment for a student or group of students.

State Standardized Test Analyzer.

Dive down into the specific, granular skills that your students need to work on to be successful on your high stakes tests. Use MARi to find out which skills your schools or classes need to work on more than others. See right away which sections are under performing and why.  

An image that shows SOL performance by school, teacher, period and student. MARi enables teachers and administrators to see exactly what skills are missing by student and by class which allows for targeted interventions.

Predictive Data Analytics.

MARi’s analytics engine is continuously learning, predicting, and making personalized recommendations to help teachers and administrators better assist all students. MARi is helping to predict student SOL proficiency.

An image of a student’s dashboard, showing competency levels in subdomains of Algebra 1 and other critical mastery levels on which the school and student are focused.
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