If you’ve ever spent time keeping data pipelines up-to-date and working properly, you know this can be incredibly time consuming. If not, trust us, it’s time consuming! That’s why we do it for you – so you can use the data vs managing it.

MARi Connected Applications and Services

Data Filtering Level API Read/Write Access STFP Automatic Upload STFP Manual Upload .CSV Download .PDF Download Ease of Use
Academic Apps
Khan Academy Student up to District Supported Good
SRi Unknown Supported Supported Bad
iReady Unknown Supported Bad
iXL Unknown Supported Bad
ALEKS, McGraw Hill Subscription
Career Explorations Apps/Services
Virginia Career Explorer Unknown
Virginia Career Wizard Unknown
VA CTE Resource Site Unknown
Assessments Apps
PowerSchool Assessment By Class Only Supported Good
SchoolNet By Class Supported Good
State Testing Services
VaDOE SOL Test Results By Grade Supported Supported Supported Fair
Behavioral Assessment Apps/Services
PBIS Unknown Supported Bad

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