AI for Academic and Career Skills‚Äč

Supporting better student outcomes through a comprehensive, personalized, whole-student approach.

Match. Gap. Recommend.


MATCH students to any academic or workplace skill, occupation, competency, or certification.


See a visual GAP analysis of where the student is to where you would like them to be.


RECOMMEND a personalized path to help the student close any gap.

Designed for you

A Comprehensive Platform to meet the needs of your school.

Access a wide range of tools that align and engage students: State Test Analyzer, Digital Badges, Profile of a Graduate, Career Plans, Competency and Certification Tracking.

MARi is FERPA compliant, secure, with built-in integrations to SIS and 3rd Party apps and platforms.

Easy to use dashboards and tools: Intelligent Academic Pathway Planning, Career Planning, Digital Badges, Profile of a Graduate.

Easy to use dashboards and tools: Personalized Math Assignments based on test scores, comprehensive student Data Cabinets and Tier Sheets, Competency & Certification Tracking, Digital Badges, academics matched up to personalized career pathways.

Tools that make it easy to see and understand the next steps to academic and career goals: Personalized Math Assignments, Career Planning, Intelligent Academic Pathway Planning, Digital Badges, Competency and Certification Tracking, Profile of a Graduate.


MARi supports educators and students at all levels of education

  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Community College
  • Higher Ed
  • Adult Education

MARi for Education Features

Features from multiple platforms and services are now all in one place.
Easier to use. Easier to learn. Easier to maintain.

Digital Badges

Profile of a Graduate

State Standardized Test Analyzer

Personalized Assignments

Competency Tracking

Whole-student Data Cabinet

Academic Planner

Comprehensive Reports

Career Planner

Certification Tracking

Tier Sheets

Self Assessments

Ready to learn more about MARi's AI tools? Ready to learn more about MARi's AI tools?

Ready to learn more about MARi's AI tools?

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