Expand Human

Maximize your contribution. Join Team MARi.

We hire bold and enterprising people who share our passion for expanding human potential.

MARi is one of the only products in the world that has the potential to make a daily impact on a person’s life from childhood through retirement.

From kindergarten through career, MARi equips people to imagine and create the highest and best form of themselves, accelerating outsized outcomes in their organizations.

Are You Ready to Flourish?

Like most organizations set on changing the world, we thrive in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. We’re a small team where everyone is expected to perform at his or her peak and to take personal responsibility for building a life-changing product. We expect our team members to contribute ideas, solve problems, and be on the hunt for innovative ways we can advance our offerings.

We are a “yes” company, finding ways to make things happen in the face of obstacles and challenges. We believe in ourselves and each other, knowing that we have the power to effect positive change in any circumstance. We are optimistic, gritty, and committed to outsized outcomes.

Sound like your kind of place?

John Carney
"There’s a special magic that emerges when the right people, bringing the best of who they are, come together as an elite team working toward a noble purpose. I'm searching for unique perspectives, diverse experience, focused drive, and courageous thinking that will take MARi to the next level."
John Carney
Founder & CEO

Picture Yourself Here…Or There.

At MARi, you enjoy the benefits of a virtual organization. And although you’re welcome to join us at our headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, we encourage you to contribute from wherever you work best, whether that’s down the street or across the world.

MARi corporate Headquarters are in Alexandria, VA, just outside of Washington, D.C.

But maybe you like the mountains. Great! Work from there and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Or maybe the beach is more your style. It doesn’t matter to us, as long as you feel inspired to perform great work.

Alexandria’s economy is built on small business and the arts. When you visit the MARi mothership, you’ll find plenty of interesting places to explore.

Whole Person Benefits

All the benefits you need so you can focus on what you do best.

Our benefits and programs enable employees and their families to have comprehensive and valuable options for health, security, and safety throughout their lives.

Benefits include:

  • Health insurance
  • Wellness programs
  • Retirement contributions
  • Financial planning
  • Legal services
  • Education assistance
  • Community outreach
  • Paid leave options
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Commuter benefits
  • and more!

Now Hiring

Lead and manage the groundbreaking data systems within MARi.

Near Term Hires

We will be hiring for these positions in the next 6-12 months. Please email us at careers@mari.com to be placed in our talent pipeline.

Senior Dev Ops Engineer

Lead and manage the cloud-based technology stack that powers the MARi platform.

Senior Data Scientist

Create leading-edge predictive and prescriptive analytics using the latest in artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing and learning sciences.

Front End Engineer

Engineer React components that bring MARi’s UI/UX to life.

UI/UX Architect/Designer

Design the world-class user experience that creates simplicity on the other side of complexity.

Customer Success Manager

Deliver a world-class support experience to our customers.

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